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Antibody production - Seramun services

Antibody Production

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Polyclonal antibodies are raised in sheep and rabbits. Balb/c mice are used for monoclonal antibody production. Non- infectious, non-toxic antigens are provided by the customers. Special immunization schedules and methods induce high affinity antibodies. For polyclonal antibodies the first ELISA tested hyperimmune serum is available 9 weeks after start of immunization.

The customer can choose between a basic package and extended service with monthly bleedings in dependence of the needed amount of hyperimmune serum. For monoclonal antibodies immunoreactivity of mouse hyperimmune sera is tested in a solid phase ELISA and one mouse is chosen for PEG mediated fusion of splenocytes with SP2/0 myeloma cells. The subsequent hybridoma screening and selection procedure follows a step by step protocol with the possibility of project termination at any step of the development.

Polyclonal antibodies

Package Antibody Order No.
basic (1 sheep)
preimmune serum
hyperimmune serum

hyperimmune serum schaf-002
basic (1 Rabbit)
preimmune serum
hyperimmune serum

hyperimmune serum kan-002
basic (1  HEN)
Preimmune IgY
hyperimmune IgY

Monoclonal antibodies

Package Antibody Order No.
Mouse (Balb/c)
1. Immunization of 3 mice
2. PEG cell fusion
MAK-Maus Stufe 1
MAK-Maus Stufe 2
Maus (Balb/c) 3. Selection, Subcloning of 3 clones, propagation and cryoconservation MAK-Maus Stufe 3
Maus (Balb/c) 4. Transfer of selected clones or cultivation and antibody production MAK-Produktion

Isotype and subclass determination MAK-Subklassen
Maus (Balb/c) IgG quantification MAK-Quantifizierung
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