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New Products

Seraline® Anti-Treponema-4 IgG / IgM

Line Immunoassay for detection of IgG or IgM antibodies to Treponema pallidum in human serum or plasma

Major benefits:

  • sensitive and specific with recombinant antigens
  • ready-to-use colour-coded reagents
  • short incubation times
  • automatic or visual evaluation

For further details regarding product information and prices please contact us via e-mail:

WIB - Wash and Incubation Buffer - The two-in-one solution for your Immunoassays

Seramun's latest reagent development enables the sample dilution and washing procedure with only one buffer system.

WIB is a complex casein buffer formulation (pH 6.2-6.4) that guarantees favorable immunological reaction conditions for a variety of different analytes.
A modified casein effectively blocks nonspecific binding on membrane and plastic surfaces caused by sample or conjugate components. At the same time, the conformation of solid phase bound molecules is stabilized.
The salt components of WIB provide excellent wash efficiency for Blot-, Line- and Spot-Immunoassays.

Standardized production guarantees constant product quality. WIB is offered as a 5-fold concentrate in bulk packs or any other customized fillings (volumes).

For further information, please contact us or visit the product information on our website.

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SeraSpot® Microarray-based multiparameter diagnostics
in microtitration plates for the medical diagnostic laboratory

The product platform SeraSpot® connects the diagnostic capa­bilities of modern array techno­logies with the advan­tages of estab­lished and auto­mated ELISA tech­niques using own measure­ment solu­tions.

To detect auto­immune or infec­tious diseases, auto­antigens or proteins of patho­gens are printed in nano­liter scale in array arrange­ment on the bottom of the wells of 96well micro­titer plates. They serve as targets for anti­bodies in patient samples. Test specific controls are inte­grated into each well. The detec­tion system consists of peroxi­dase-labeled isotype-specific anti­bodies. At the site of formed immune complexes blue spots are developed. Color intensity is correlated to the concen­tration of the analyte. Pale blue to dark blue spots are visible by eye.

The test result can be read visually or by use of software-mediated image analysis with the program Seramun SpotSight®scan developed to analyze SeraSpot® assays. Image acquisi­tion is performed using proprietary readers which scan and evaluate up to 96 samples within a whole micro­titer plate. Analysis of a complete 96well plate takes only 7 min.

Video about SeraSpot®

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