Detection systems

Protein A as a binder to the heavy chain of IgG molecules independent of their specificity but also Streptavidin which interacts by high affinity with biotin are provided as enzyme labelled detection systems. They can be used in different immunoassay systems instead of enzyme labelled specific antibodies. In some cases the interaction between biotinylated antibodies and Streptavidin HRP can enhance the assay sensitivity.

Product Order No. Amount Download
Protein A-HRP D-001-1-HRP
0.5 mg
1.0 mg
Safety data sheet (70.0 KiB)
Protein A-Biotin D-001-1-BT
0.5 mg
1.0 mg
Streptavidin-poly-HRP D-002-1-pHRP
0.5 mg
1.0 mg
5.0 mg
Flyer (6.1 MiB)
Safety data sheet (69.5 KiB)
Streptavidin-HRP D-003-1-HRP
0.5 mg
1.0 mg
Safety data sheet (384.2 KiB)

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