Affinity purified antibodies with proven specificity by solid phase ELISA are used for labelling. The gentle conjugation methods used, guarentee full activity of the marker and immunological reactivity of the antibodies. Labelling with highly purified horseradish peroxidase (HRP) or highly active recombinant alkaline Phosphatase (AP) results in enzyme antibody conjugates with molar ratios between 2-4 : 1 of enzyme : antibody. Labelling with fluorescein isothiocyanate isomer l (FITC) results in antibody-FITC conjugates ranging in their F/P ratios between 5 and 8 after purification.

HRP labelled antibodies are sterile filtered and contain 0.02 % thimerosal as preservative and bovine serum albumin as stabilizer. AP- and FITC- labelled antibodies contain 0.02 % sodium azide as preservative and bovine serum albumin as stabilizer.

Storage: 2 ... 8 °C, aliquots –20 °C;
Stability: 3 months at 2 ... 8 °C, 5 years at - 20°C

Repeated freezing and thawing contributes to loss of antibody activity and should be avoided.

Specificity Species Order No. Amount
Anti-human IgA - HRP Sheep A-001-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgA - AP Sheep A-001-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgA - FITC Sheep A-001-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgG - HRP Sheep A-002-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgG-poly-HRP Sheep A-028-1-PHRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgG - AP Sheep A-002-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgG - FITC Sheep A-002-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgM - HRP Sheep A-003-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgM-poly-HRP Sheep A-029-1-PHRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgM - AP Sheep A-003-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-human IgM - FITC Sheep A-003-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-human α-1-Fetoprotein-HRP Sheep A-007-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human α-1-Fetoprotein-AP Sheep A-007-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-human α-1-Fetoprotein-FITC Sheep A-007-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-human α-1-Microglobulin-HRP Sheep A-008-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human α-1-Microglobulin-AP Sheep A-008-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-human α-1-Microglobulin-FITC Sheep A-008-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-human Haemoglobin-HRP Sheep A-009-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human Haemoglobin-AP Sheep A-009-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-human Haemoglobin-FITC Sheep A-009-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-human Lysozyme-HRP Sheep A-010-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human Lysozyme-AP Sheep A-010-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-human Lysozyme-FITC Sheep A-010-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-human Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase-HRP Sheep A-012-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-human Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase-AP Sheep A-012-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-human Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase-FITC Sheep A-012-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-mouse IgG-HRP Sheep A-014-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-mouse IgG-AP Sheep A-014-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-mouse IgG-FITC Sheep A-014-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-mouse IgM-HRP Sheep A-015-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-mouse IgM-AP Sheep A-015-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-mouse IgM-FITC Sheep A-015-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-rabbit IgG-HRP Sheep A-016-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-rabbit IgG-AP Sheep A-016-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-rabbit IgG-FITC Sheep A-016-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-sheep IgG-HRP Rabbit A-017-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-sheep IgG-AP Rabbit A-017-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-sheep IgG-FITC Rabbit A-017-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-Fd-Bacteriophage-HRP Sheep A-020-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-Fd-Bacteriophage-AP Sheep A-020-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-Fd-Bacteriophage-FITC Sheep A-020-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-p24 HIV-1-HRP Sheep A-023-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-p24 HIV-1-AP Sheep A-023-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-p24 HIV-1-FITC Sheep A-023-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-poly(6-10)-Histidin-HRP Sheep A-026-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-poly(6-10)-Histidin-AP Sheep A-026-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-poly(6-10)-Histidin-FITC Sheep A-026-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-GST-HRP Sheep A-027-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-GST-AP Sheep A-027-1-AP 0.5 mg
Anti-GST-FITC Sheep A-027-1-F 0.5 mg
Anti-FITC-HRP Sheep A-030-1-HRP 0.5 mg
Anti-FITC-AP Sheep A-030-1-AP 0.5 mg

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