Affinity purified

Specific antibodies are isolated from the lgG fraction of a hyperimmune serum by immunoadsorption chromatography with insolubilized antigens. A special desorption procedure prevents loss of high affinity antibodies and keeps the antibodies fully reactive. Affinity purified antibodies are well suited as solid phase or as capture antibodies in direct and indirect solid-phase immunoassays. They are also well suited for labelling.

Affinity purified antibodies are sterile filtered and contain 0.02 % thimerosal as preservative. They do not contain other proteins as stabilizers.

Storage: 2 ... 8 °C, aliquots –20 °C
Stability: 6 months at 2 ... 8 °C, 5 years at - 20°C

Repeated freezing and thawing contributes to loss of antibody activity and should be avoided.

Specificity Species Order No. Amount
Anti-human IgA Sheep A-001-1 1.0 mg
Anti-human IgG Sheep A-002-1 1.0 mg
Anti-human IgM Sheep A-003-1 1.0 mg
Anti-human a-1-Fetoprotein Sheep A-007-1 1.0 mg
Anti-human a-1-Microglobulin Sheep A-008-1 1.0 mg
Anti-human Haemoglobin Sheep A-009-1 1.0 mg
Anti-human Lysozyme Sheep A-010-1 1.0 mg
Anti-human Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase Sheep A-012-1 1.0 mg
Anti-mouse IgG Sheep A-014-1 1.0 mg
Anti-mouse IgM Sheep A-015-1 1.0 mg
Anti-rabbit IgG Sheep A-016-1 1.0 mg
Anti-sheep IgG Rabbit A-017-1 1.0 mg
Anti-Fd-Bacteriophage Sheep A-020-1 1.0 mg
Anti-Peroxidase Sheep A-022-1 1.0 mg
Anti-p24 HIV-1 Sheep A-023a-1 1.0 mg
Anti-p24 HIV-1 Rabbit A-023b-1 1.0 mg
Anti-poly(6-10)-Histidin Sheep A-026-1 1.0 mg
Anti-Glutathione-S-Transferase Sheep A-027-1 1.0 mg
Anti-FITC Sheep A-030-1 1.0 mg

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